How Vqmod works with Opencart?

Know about how Vqmod works in Opencart platform and how they will make better the platform customisation process

VQmod no Opencart
VQmod no Opencart

Hello people, today is day of hands os in this blog, and i will continue the posts serie about Opencart Platform and and as I promised, today i will explain how VQmod works and how they make your life better!

What is VQmod?

Conceptually it is an simple idea: you make small patches for platform php core system files, tracing what and when this will be changed, and defining if is an REPLACE or one INSERT of code.

After that, VQMOD will change the original PHP file on execution time, applying your patch and creating a new version of this file on the CACHE folder and indicate to APACHE to read this folder instead the original folder.

Why use VQmod on Opencart?

Unfortunately Opencart does not have an good update and customisation
system, because that every time we need to update system the only way to do that is copying the new files overwriting the old files and doing that many improvements and customisations are lost.

It is precisely to improve this scenario that the VQmod works to encapsulate and separate your own customisations and improvements, allowing quietest updates on the system.

How to install VQmod on Opencart?

The process is quite simple, first download the package here, unzip on main system folder, after that access the install folder from any browser.

You will need to do some permission on the Cache folder and the Mods.cache file.

After that everything will be fine, and you can start to create your own XML files

I hope I have helped, until the next!

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