What is Parallax Design?

Hello Guys! Its friday, User Interface day on this blog, and today i will write about a really nice topic! Its Parallax Design.

Parallax design, what is? Where did? How it works?

The concept of design or Parallax Parallax scrolling is definitely another one of those trends in user interface design that emerge as something new and innovative but which is actually based on very old concepts adapted to current technology. In this case the concept dates back to the 40s when it began to be used in the production of animations like the example below:

Optical illusion

In case of Parallax on animation, everything is just a technique of optical illusion where  layers of animation moves in different speeds which gives us an impression of depth in the animation.

This technique is widely deployed and used in the gaming market since the early 80s and in recently has come to internet interface design for which shows very interesting to well-defined objectives.

In the below video you can see some examples of  the Parallax Scrolling technique  applyed  to NES games.

Nice Parallax Design examples

It is easy to find on the internet dozens of good examples of using the Parallax effect on the internet projects, but I will list below some that are worth exploring:

And how to implement?

Keep calm, and wait for the next week post, i will explain her how to make an incredible parallax implemntation

See you!

Parallax vídeo

Parallax on the web

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