How to resize images in batch with OsX Automator?

How to resize images in lot using Automator in OS X step-by-step.

Learn how to save much time resize images in batch using Automator in Mac OS

Hello everyone, first I want to wish a good week to all readers, and since today is Monday, is the day to bring productivity tips here on the blog as we brought last week, if you have not read and do not waste time and read now

Now, go to the job!

Today i will teach you how to make a bacth image treatments directly in Apple OSx come on?

Step 1:  We will use Automator, one of the oldest software existing on the Mac OS, to find it just type automator at finder.

Como abrir o Automator
How to open Automator

Step 2: 

Passo 2: We will create a “Workflow”, these are small programs created via automator to create one, just click:  file> new and select workflow

reduzir imagens em lote
Reduce ima

Step 3:  Now you must choose on the side menu the steps to your workflow should do. Choosing the type of action and defining the parameters of execution  (Always double-click the option to move to the flow)

  • Files & Folders> Get selected Finder Items (Responsible for opening images)
  • Photos> Scale Images (Responsible for resizing, this action you must set the size you want for the image)
  • Files & Folders> Copy Finder Items (Responsible for saving images)
After that the process is very simple, just open the finder of your system, select the images to be resized and return to Automator. Just click the Run button there at the top.
Run Automator
Run Automator
Done! Resized images saved! If you have some difficult to do thar you can download the workflow here
That’s it!  Until next week with more tips to increase your productivity!


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