3 tips to improve your development productivity

Starting a week with a simple development productivity tips!

Hi everyone! This is my first post in English in this blog, and i’m so excited to start a share some tips with your, now in the most used language on the word. To start 3 simple tips to improve development productivity

In advance, sorry for the mistakes… I will be better in next weeks 🙂


Basecamp - Dicas de produtividade
Basecamp – Dicas de produtividade

Manage your projects like a betters world professionals, if you not know Basecamp yet, this toll was developed by the  37 Signals and was built to modern teams and projects local or remote.

Th interface is simple and looks like an social network, the tool is fully integrated with social networks, e-mail and iCal calendars, moreover the cost is very low and because that all kind of companies and freelancers can use this tool.

Recently was launched the iOs app for Basecamp, that allows you to manage your projects anywhere, anytime on your mobile.

You can try it for free, Visit: basecamp.com


For me, and after 10 years working with a lot of development tools, this is the best code editor i really know, mostly if you spend a little time to learn how to create code snippets and install de package manager to activate the Zencode module, this is simple incredible.

The software isn’t free, but the multiple cursor tool already make the investment be worth it, certainly in a few days i will make a full post for this tool.

For now watch this video and see why this tools is so incredible.


Finally, other incredible tool, whit that you can create shortcuts to excerpts of text, in my case i use to expand  e Lorem ipsum , addresses, phones, signatures, and all texts i often type a lot.

Watch a little review:

Thats it, i use a lot of tools everyday but this 3 deserve mention on this first post, because that improved a lot my productivity.

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Until next time!

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