Code can be magic?

Bella E-commerce
Bella E-commerce – Code can be magic

Hello everyone!

Yesterday i’ve started an ambitious personal project, create an full SOA E-commerce platform called Bella.

Why it is a big thing? Well, i’ve worked with software development at last 15 year, and i tried a lot of platforms, cmss, erps, e-commerces, and i really learned a lot of things about software engineering, specially on Lamp world.

And at last 5 years i’m very focused on e-commerce area, and i could see up close how the popular open source platforms are poor from the point of view of software engineering, usability, and mainly focus on the user business.

Because this, i think this can be better, this can be simpler, this can be magic!

And i started to create an simple, elegant, faster, and business focused e-commerce platform  called Bella.

I know it will not be easy, will not be fast, but i have patience and it will be done.

At this time you can checkout the project on github, analyse the Magic Model Data who automatic create columns and filter data on Bella API, and can follow the development of the project.

See you later!