How the Opencart structure really works?

What about know more about the Opencart structure?

Hello everyone! Today i will talk a little about the Opencart structure. If you don’t know, Opencart is a simple and powerful e-commerce platform developed using php/mysql and you can download the software for free at this Link.

The Opencart structure

The system was developed according to the classical MVC paradigm, with a well separation between Models, Views and Controls. Other unity is the language models, responsible to make multi-lingual stores at the same administration and templates.

MVC Classical Paradigm
MVC Classical Paradigm

Opencart Urls

For understand Opencart or another system, is realy important understand how these urls was built, see this example:

This is the category page, where route indicates how controller was loaded, in this case the controller is category, located at product folder after that in path parameter is located the current category id.

Two different worlds

One of the worst things on the system is the full separation between the system front and system admin, both have their own MVC structure and because that we need to repeat a lot of code on the both sides… This is a really waste of energy.

Understanding the Opencart Sintax
See the example of  controller about the above url

Opencart structure example

We have her the classical controller creation and the definition of the first method, called getCategory, after that the language module was loaded following the same approach (folder/file name) at the same style was loaded 2 models.

A bit more

Opencart structure example

In this case we have on first line the search of category details, by the getCategory call realized to the loaded model, as you can see the pattern was fixed  on the model call like:


After that whe have some calls to template methods used to attribute values who will be used on the template files, all data to be used on the template need to be added to $this->data array.

Thats it people, see you on the next week talking more about the Opencart, sorry about the English mistakes 🙂

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